Download video Tiktok without watermark

What is TikTok Downloader?

TikTok is one of the most popular media platforms in the world where you can upload your video content to earn money. Currently, you can download TikTok videos to your device, but the watermark is included. So, if you want to download Tik Tok videos without a watermark, there are several ways you can do it, especially using the TikTok Downloader. Keep on reading for some methods to download TikTok videos without watermark.

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It allows its users to upload videos from 15 to 60 seconds long. What makes TikTok videos interesting are the background music and voice overs . There are tons of quality videos on TikTok, therefore, you can make money with your videos. And if you want to download videos from TikTok, the watermark remains on the videos you download.

TikTok Downloader is a tool used to download TikTok videos in MP4 Ultra High Quality format without a watermark. When using TikTok Downloader, you can save TikToK videos to your devices such as mobile phones, tablets, PC computers. You can also use TikTok Downloader on all operating systems like (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Iphone, iOS).

With TikTok Downloader, you are welcome to use it for free. You don’t need to install any software in your device and also without registration. Apart from that, it is very easy to use TikTok Downloader to save your favorite videos. To download TikTok videos without watermark, you can do the following simple steps:

  • First, you must have the link of the video you want to download.
  • Next, you copy and paste it in the URL link field provided and hit the download button.
  • Finally, all processing is done on the app side, so you don’t have to do anything else. All you need to do is wait and see the videos stored on your device.

Below is how to download TikTok Videos online without  watermark :

  • First of all, you have to open the Tik Tok app on your phone
  • Next, select the video you want to download
  • After that, you click the Share button in the right corner
  • Then, you click the Copy Link button
  • The next step is for you to go back to TikTok Downloader and follow the following steps in the image below.
  • Then you paste your download link into the column above and click Download Button.
  • After clicking the Download Button, you have to wait for 2-3 seconds and then, save the video to your device.
Tiktok Downloader
Tiktok Downloader

Main features on

As you can see, TikTok Downloader will help you download all your favorite videos from TikTok without using the TikTok app and without the  watermark . So you can easily grab all the videos you want straight to your device.

  • The downloaded TikTok videos are high quality and original without  watermark , whereas TikTok only allows you to download the videos with watermark.
  • Original quality downloaded audio
  • Save videos directly to your devices such as smartphones, tablets, PC while TikTok only allows you to save TikTok videos through its application,
  • Easy to use
  • Absolutely free. You can support us by clicking on some ads to help us maintain our service and further development.
  • No need to install any software in your device, just use browser to download.
  • Unlimited downloads
  • 100% safe because we don’t collect your data and download history.
  • Works in every browser on your desktop, mobile and tablet.
  • It can be used in several browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Opera or Firefox.
  • Can be used on all operating systems such as iOS, Android.
  • There is a preview feature once you enter the video link, so you watch the preview video before downloading.
  • Fastest TikTok video downloader without  watermark .

There is no requirement to install any software. Also, it’s totally free and all you need to do to support us is click on the ads. And finally, all downloaded videos are in high quality without experiencing any compression (degraded video quality).

Download TikTok videos without watermark

In fact, every TikTok video you download includes a  watermark  feature as the platform logo including the app logo and account username. However, there are several ways to download TikTok videos without a  watermark , for example using the TikTok Downloader.

The first method I want to introduce is using a Live Photo and then converting it into a video. If you go this way, there will be a  small watermark  but you can easily remove it. Follow the steps below:

  • First, open the Tik Tok application on your device
  • Second, open the video you want to download
  • Third, tap on the share icon at the bottom right of the page which looks like an arrow pointing to the right.
  • Fourth, swipe to the right corner of your screen on the second row of icons. Then select the Live Photo option.
  • Fifth, return to the main page of your mobile screen and open your Camera Album.
  • Sixth, navigate to the Live Photo album, then save and tap the share button at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Finally, scroll down the screen and select Save as video.

Now you have the downloaded TikTok video on your device. As mentioned above, the  small watermark  is still included. But don’t worry, you can crop it using the crop image feature in the Camera album. So, you have a TikTok video without  watermark  that you want to download.

How to download TikTok videos

1. Download TikTok without  watermark  for iphone

To download TikTok without a  watermark  on iPhone, please follow the steps below:

  • Open the TikTok app on your iPhone.
  • Select the video you want to download without  watermark .
  • Then, tap on the Share Icon for sharing options in the TikTok app
  • Next, select the copy link option in the TikTok iPhone app sharing panel.
  • Open the TikTok Downloader in Safari. Then paste the link you copied in the previous step.
  • Next, touch and hold the text field until the paste URL option appears and tap paste.
  • The next step is to click the Go Button for the download process.
  • When the download is ready, tap the Download button.
  • Then, your download button is accepted. After that, the downloaded videos are saved in Safari Download Manager.
  • Next, in the top-right corner of the screen, tap on Videos to open Safari Download Manager in the browser.
  • In Safari, the downloaded video will be opened and tap on the Share button to save to your iPhone’s picture album ( camera roll ).
  • The next step is to select the Share Card menu and tap Save Video.
  • Then, Open Photos app on iPhone and search for Downloaded videos from Safari Download Manager and you can play TikTok videos without  watermark .

2. Download TikTok videos without  watermark  on android

Below is how to download TikTok videos without  watermark  on Android.

  • To download on Android phone, you need to select the video link just like on iPhone. It is very simple to do. You just need to click on the share button on your selected video and then “Copy Link”.
  • Next, open a third-party application such as TikTok Downloader and paste the link of your choice into the search tab.
  • Then check again to make sure there is no tick in the “Video with Watermark” box
  • 4th step, click “Download” and the video will be saved in your device’s image album.

How to get TikTok video download link

To get the TikTok video download link, please follow the steps below:

  • Find the video you want to download: Copy the TikTok video URL by clicking the Share button and selecting Copy Link.
  • Next paste the TikTok video URL link in the box above then tap the download button.
  • Finally, download MP4 videos without watermark from TikTok.

Or you can use an alternative way to get the Tik Tok video download link with the following steps:

  • First, open the TikTok app on your phone
  • Select the video you want to download to get the link
  • Then, you click Share on the Share option and find the Copy Link button
  • Now, the download link is available in  the clipboard

The TikTok URL link looks like this:


Where are TikTok videos saved once downloaded

There are some differences between saving TikTok videos with  watermark  and without  watermark . When you download a TikTok video with a  watermark , it will be saved directly to your photo gallery, whereas if you save a video without a  watermark , it will be in a different place.

If you download using iPhone, the downloaded video will be saved in Safari Download manager or whatever file you set  as  default . For iPhone, downloaded files are stored in Safari Download Manager. You can visit the browser settings to change and manually select the destination file that you want to use to save the downloaded TikTok videos.

After that, you can save the TikTok video to your iPhone camera album ( camera roll ) by opening it and tapping on the Share button.

Before you save videos to your camera album, please pay attention to these few notes. The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your phone has enough storage space to save TikTok videos because as we know that photos and videos take up a lot of storage space.

1. Does  save the downloaded videos or keep  a copy of the videos

Currently, does not yet have a video saving feature. Also it doesn’t keep  a copy of the videos  because all TikTok videos are controlled by TikTok servers. Because of this feature, all your data and history are not tracked by So, using is safe and completely anonymous.

2. Do I need to install apps or extensions?

As mentioned above, while using TikTok Downloader, you are not required to install any software on your device. Hence, it is very easy to use. All you need to do is have the TikTok video link. That’s enough.

3. Do I have to pay for TikTok Downloader?

We have also explained it above. That the use of TikTok Downloader is absolutely free. This means that you don’t have to pay anything to get the download service. To support us, we place several advertisements and every click from you will help us to maintain our services and further develop them in the future. Also, if you find TikTok Watermark useful, you can make a donation to us.

4. Can I use this TikTok video downloader on my Android phone?

The answer is yes, because we have shown you a tutorial on how to download TikTok videos using TikTok Downloader on Android phones. We highly recommend you use SnapTik to save TikTok videos without  watermark . Our service is very fast and completely free and we update the software frequently.

5. How to save the downloaded TikTok video and make it my favorite TikTok Mp4 video on my iPhone (IOS)?

Unlike Android phones, saving TikTok MP4 videos to iPhone devices is quite complicated because Apple has a security policy that does not allow users to download Tiktok Mp4s, music (Mp3), or movies. However, there are still several methods that can be used to download TikTok MP4 videos to your iPhone (iOs). Please keep reading to find out more.

Unduh video TikTok MP4 ke iPhone

1. Method 01: Can be done with iOS 13+ and iPadOS 13+

This method works on iOs 13+ and iPadOS 13+ operating systems, Safari has a new trick called A Download Manager. With this feature, online files can be downloaded directly from your browser. You have a list of downloaded files and you will easily view, delete and manage these files. Next, you are allowed to access the Files app on your iPhone and iPad. So you can download TikTok MP4 videos to your iPhone by following the steps below:

  • First of all, find the TikTok MP4 video that you want to download.
  • Visit our website here with the Safari app on your iOS device (iPhone and iPad)
  • Next, paste the video link that you have captured and start downloading by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button.
  • The next step is to click Download Server 01
  • Then, Click DOWNLOAD
  • Then, you look for the icon in the right corner of the screen on your browser and click on the folder containing the video you just downloaded.
  • Then tap on the video and a menu will appear. Then you click the Share button.
  • Select the save video option and click on it
  • Now, your downloaded video is available on your iOS device (iOS device library).

2. Method 02: Alternative way for iOS 12 Users:  Documents 5 by Readddle

The next method is an alternative for iOS 12 users by using document 5 by Readdle. For this method, you need to use a third-party application called Documents 5 by Readdle.

Please follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: First, open your TikTok app and find the video you want to download and hit the Share button.
  • Step 2: Tap Copy Link button to grab the video link you want to download.
  • Step 3: Go to the AppStore to download the Documents by Readdle app. To download this application, after you access the AppStore, type the keyword “Documents by Readdle” in the search field. It will be number 01 in search results.
  • Step 4: After “Documents by Readdle” is successfully downloaded, Open this application and click on the icon in the Menu tab to open the browser function.
  • Step 5: As usual, visit SnappTik.App website and paste the download link that you have taken in step 2 into the box and tap Download.
  • Step 6: Click on HD Download without  watermark  and you will see the video that you just downloaded to your iOS device in the Menu tab.
  • Step 7: You can rename the file if you want and click on the COMPLETE button to complete your video download.
  • Step 8: now you can find your downloaded video in Downloads tab and click on Eye icon.
  • Step 9: tap the “Three dots” icon
  • Step 10: tap on the Share option.
  • Step 11: Select the SAVE VIDEO option. Now you have successfully downloaded MP4 TikTok videos using alternative way for iOS 12 Users: Documents 5 by Readdle. You can easily find your videos in your media gallery.

Unduh video TikTok MP4 ke iPhone

How to download Tik Tok videos on pc

If you don’t want to download TikTok videos on your mobile, you can easily download them to your PC desktop. Below is how to download it:

  • First, open a browser on your PC or laptop which can be Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and so on.
  • Second, visit the TikTok site at
  • Third, find the video you want to download then grab the video link
  • Fourth, hit the share button at the bottom right of the video
  • Fifth, select the “COPY LINK” button
  • Next, open _ to start downloading
  • Sixth, after opening the website, please paste the URL link into the box.
  • Then click Download Server 1.

The above instructions will help you download TikTok videos to your PC desktop without  watermark  on the video.

Frequently asked questions in downloading TikTok videos without  watermark

Why does TikTok Downloader say that you can't download certain videos?

There are several reasons why the system may reject your download, including:

  • The video you want to download is set private, removed, or restricted to certain regions or not available in your country.
  • Or you provide wrong TikTok link. For example:
How to get TikTok video download link?

We already told you how to grab the TikTok video download link above. We’ll explain it again. Here’s how to get a TikTok link:

  • Open the Tik Tok application
  • Select the video you want to download
  • Look at the bottom right corner of the application and select the SHARE BUTTON
  • Then find and click the COPY LINK option.
  • Now your download link is available in clipboard and ready to paste
How to save Tik Tok videos to iPhone and iPad?

Due to Apple’s security policy, you cannot download any videos, MP4 and MP3 to your iOS device. However, with OS 13 and above, you are allowed to download by using Safari Download Manager. To save TikTok videos to your device, follow the instructions we mentioned above and use our TikTok Downloader.

How to save TikTok videos to Android device?

Downloading TikTok videos to Android phones is simpler than iOS devices. Please refer to the instructions that we have mentioned above again.

Where can I see TikTok videos once downloaded?

As already explained, saved TikTok videos will be in the default file that you set up on your device, usually your device’s gallery.